Why Choose a Full Service Property Management Service in Atlanta, GA?

Why Choose a Full Service Property Management Service in Atlanta, GA?

44.1 million American households rent their homes. In addition, renters spend around $485 billion in rental fees every year. Real estate investment could be highly profitable in 2023.

However, managing investment properties is harder than you may think. New, inexperienced landlords can quickly become overwhelmed. They can then lose all their profits.

But Atlanta landlords don't have to handle property management. A full service property management service can do this for them. Read on to learn more.

What Is Full Service Property Management?

Property management is like a nesting doll. Inside property management jobs are a dozen other jobs. The job list includes tasks like the following:

  • Screening tenants
  • Rent collection
  • Handling evictions
  • Marketing properties
  • Repairing and maintaining properties
  • Renovating properties
  • Complying with local laws
  • Assisting tenants

Does that sound like too much to handle? If so, you may want to hire a full-service Atlanta property management company.

Handles It All

There are two types of property management services: partial and full service. Partial property management services handle only part of a landlord's property management tasks. A full service property management service handles all of them.

Benefits of Full Service Property Management

So, a full service property management service handles the tasks mentioned above and more. Along with making a landlord's life easier, this service offers many other benefits.

Competitive Rates

You may think that property management services are expensive - this isn't necessarily the case. Most of these services only charge you eight to ten percent of your total rental profits.

Plus, some full service management companies offer enhanced guarantees and benefits. The value of these can outweigh what you pay.

More Experience

Are you just starting as a landlord? If so, you probably don't know much about property management. This lack of skills and knowledge can put you at a severe disadvantage.

Property management companies, however, have skilled and experienced staff. They've likely been working in the industry for years. Choose them and you should get better results than what you can manage yourself.

Service Connections

Your rental property will need service workers. These include roofers, cleaners, etc. Do you know the best companies for these services in Atlanta?

An Atlanta property management company will know about these services. They likely use the same services for all the properties they manage. They should use the same services for any of your properties.

This saves you from having to search for services yourself. Plus, property managers have likely formed strong relationships with these services. As a result, the services may regularly offer them discounts.

We'll Be Your Atlanta Property Manager

A full service property management service will give you better property management outcomes overall. Plus, you won't have to handle property management yourself. You'll also pay less for this service than you may expect.

Do you need full service property management services in Atlanta? If so, consider hiring us. We serve tenants, owners, and investors in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

Learn more about our services today! Just fill out the form available on this page. We'll answer any questions you have.