Security tips to protect your homes while you are away

Security tips to protect your homes while you are away
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Are you planning to go on a long thrilling vacation?

It’s quite easy to forget what you are leaving behind amidst the excitement of taking a break from routine work. Who doesn’t want to go out on long vacations away from home? Isn’t it? Vacations can never be fun if one is constantly worried about their belongings back home.

If you wish to know more about your home safety so that your next vacation could be more carefree than the previous one, I will reckon that you read this blog.

1. Lockdown each and everything

This pandemic has surely made us dislike the word “lockdown” to the core. Our routine socialization has halted, many of us want to go out and be surrounded with fresh air. Hence, home safety today has become more important than ever before. Don’t leave your house unsecured. Lock all the doors, windows, and cupboards, including those that lead to the yards or garage. If you have an automated garage door opener, disable it as well.

Do you have a security system installed at your place? Good, just ensure that it’s all set whenever you are leaving home. If you don’t have it up till now, try to get it as soon as possible. A home security system can do a lot more than just alerting you about intrusions; with a security system at your residence, you can check in on your home remotely and even let a reliable person in if you want.

Moreover, it’s also recommended that you lock down your social media when you are out on vacation. Save your amazing photos and share them only after you reach back to a safe home. Vacation pics can give a confirmation that your house is ripe for picking – to the thieves who are already on the lookout for a robbery.

2. Make it look like someone’s home

Potential thieves are always stalking homes, and if they feel something off at your place – it might become their next target. If you don’t want to become the next crime statistic, and surely you don’t, make sure that your home looks as casual as when you weren’t home.

Let me tell you how; set timers, televisions, lights, and radios on varying times during the day and night, cut your grass, let someone park their car in your garage (if possible), position your curtains and blinds such that they look normal but don’t expose your furniture. You can also ask a neighbor to collect your mail or newspaper delivery when you are away.

3. Take away Your Spare Key.

Have you put your spare key underneath a plant? Besides a small rock? No matter how clever your hiding place is, prevention is always better than cure. It’s a cup of tea for seasoned criminals to find out such a spot, and…well, you know what could happen next!

So if you don’t want to serve your possessions to a thief on a silver platter, remove your spare keys and drop it at your neighbors. Tell your neighbor that you’ll be gone for some time and request them to keep an eye until you reach back.

4. Unplug electric appliances

Nothing is more daunting than an electrical fire happening at your place when you’re are not there! To avoid this, you certainly need to take some precautions beforehand. Unplug all the appliances like lamps, coffee makers. Ensure all your alarms in working condition and a fire extinguisher on hand if someone needs to extinguish the blaze on an emergency notice.

All in all, you always need to be wary of your home, even when you are away. We hope our tips be a significant help to you in this regard. If, however, you have some queries, feel free to contact us anytime.