Effective Commercial Property Marketing Strategies: Reaching the Right Audience

Effective Commercial Property Marketing Strategies: Reaching the Right Audience

Over 400 Fortune® 500 companies can't be wrong. That's how many have a presence in Georgia. They've joined the ranks of other well-recognized businesses that also have their operations in the state.

This isn't surprising as Georgia boasts competitive tax incentives, highly skilled workers, and a great quality of life for residents. It's anticipated that many other businesses will follow.

It's the ideal time to ensure your commercial property stands out. Developing effective commercial property marketing strategies can help. Here are a few that will help make your building a top option for potential tenants.

Know Your Goals and Your Audience

Your real estate marketing strategy can't evolve without knowing your goals and audience. This is the first step in creating a plan that your target audience will respond to.

In defining your goals and audience, you can determine:

  • Your budget
  • The tools and resources you'll need
  • Where to engage with your audience
  • What creative resources to utilize
  • How you'll measure your success

It will involve analyzing competitors' marketing strategies. However, your strategy may differ based on your selling proposition. Your marketing plan will delve into more detail.

Develop Your Commercial Real Estate Marketing Plan

Your plan will outline the strategies you will use to market your property. It will include:

  • An Executive Summary
  • Target Market
  • Budget
  • Marketing Tactics including channels and materials
  • Measurement Tools

Your marketing strategy should incorporate different types of media. It should also outline the content needed for each.

Identify Tools and Software Needed

Your marketing plan will make identifying these easier. A major one may be a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. Tools for email marketing, social media marketing, and lead generation will also help.

Virtual tour software can make your website more interactive. Search engine optimization (SEO) tools can enhance lead-generation efforts.

Upgrade Your Website

When attracting new tenants your website will play a key role. It will showcase your investment property and be one of the first points of contact for potential tenants.

Let it make a great first impression! Use virtual tours, informative content, and professional photography. Interested parties should be able to access floor plans, property videos, interactive maps, and more.

Let Social Media Work for You

Your social media channels and website should work hand in hand. There should be a common theme between the two that clearly defines your brand. Most of your social media content should lead potential clients back to your site.

Platforms such as LinkedIn are particularly effective in attracting the attention of business clients. Use paid advertising on various platforms to get your property in front of the right eye.

Effective Commercial Property Marketing Strategies

Does your building's facade look out toward the downtown Atlanta skyline? Does it have a modern architectural design? Is it outfitted with the latest amenities?

Even the most amazing features won't guarantee you'll get your building leased. However, using the right commercial property marketing strategies can.

PMI Marietta can help you get new tenants by effectively executing your marketing strategy. Don't delay making a return on your investment property, schedule a consultation today!